IATC 4th Conference

6 and 7 April 2020

Online Registration is now open for the IATC 4th Conference; taking place on the 6th and 7th April 2020 in Hong Kong

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GCB members to please refer to the email sent by the GCB to the Constituent Bars under the GCB on the 8 January 2020 and to Circular no. 3 sent on 22 January 2020 by the GCB.

IATC 4th Conference website https://iatc2020hk.ievent.hk

For ICAB Members, note that the World Bar Conference website has been launched at https://worldbarconference2020.hkba.org

Intermediate Advocacy Course 2020

Details to be announced

The GCB Courses are only offered to and for those who apply for the course and who are members of an affiliated Society under the GCB: please refer to the list of Constituent Members of the GCB

For further information please contact Jacqueline de Gouveia via email gcbtraining@mweb.co.za or on 011 292 6900