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Legal Services Sector Charter and TransformationJannie Eksteen SCOn 11 August 2006 the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs released a draft ‘Legal Service Charter’ for discussion.Read Article2006December19No 32
Rule of law symposium and IBA Annual conference.Report by Jannie Eksteen SC, GCB chair, who attended the IBA meeting in Chicago during September 2006Jannie Eksteen SCOn 16 and 17 September a special ‘Rule of Law Symposium’ was held at the Westin Hotel, Chicago, Illinois.Read Article2006December19No 33
Report of the GCB chair, Norman Arendse SC, at the annual general meeting of the GCB on 21-22 July 2006Norman Arendse SCThe period under review was dominated by the ongoing saga in the Cape High Court and the controversy surrounding the Fourteenth Amendment Bill and the Superior Courts Bill.Read Article2006December19No 33
Human Rights ReportBrian Spilg SCDuring the year under review, the members of the committee were Brahm Du Plessis, John Campbell, Gcina Malindi, Laurance Hodes, Terri-Lee Dix, Shirley Rose, Thabiso Machaba, Nadine Fourie, Steven Budlender, Nazreen Budlender and Brian Spilg SC.Read Article2006December19No 36
Judicial Services Commission Reportby Milton Seligson SCIn terms of section 178 of the Constitution,the Judicial Service Commission (the Commission or JSC) is comprised of twenty-three members when it considers the appointment of judges.Read Article2006December19No 37
Advocacy Training ReportSharise Weiner SCThe GCB’s Advocacy Training Committee (the ATC) continued its ongoing relationship with Gray’s Inn and made many more international connections over the year.Read Article2006December19No 38
Legal Aid Board - Extracts from the reportLetty Molopa SCThe Legal Aid Board (LAB) approved the LAB Strategic Plan 2006 in November 2005. To implement this strategic plan and realise the vision and mission of the LAB, annual business plans are developed and executed.Read Article2006December19No 39
Future Leaders' Symposium. Report Leaders' Symposium held at Port Elizabeth on 14-15 July 2006Glenn Goosen SCDeputy chair of the Eastern Cape Bar, to the annual general meeting of the GCB on the Third Future The Third GCB Future Leaders’ Symposium was hosted by the Eastern Cape Society of Advocates and held at Pine Lodge, Port Elizabeth, on 14-15 July 2006.Read Article2006December19No 310
Extracts from other reports: Road Accident Fund Subcommittee Professional Ethics Committee The Department of Transport during the year introduced an Amendment Bill to the Road Accident Fund Act (the Bill). The Bill was objectionable in a number of respects.Read Article2006December19No 310
KwaZulu-Natal Bar NewsWendalynn BowlerThe KwaZulu-Natal Bar held its 77th annual general meeting at the Rob Roy Hotel on 12 August 2006.Read Article2006December19No 311

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