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From The Editor: Access to JusticePhilip Van Der Merwe 29 1
IndexPhilip Van Der Merwe 29 2
What should the post-LPA Bar look like?Jeremy Muller SC, In the August 2015 edition of the Advocate I wrote about the value of an independent Bar: its role in buttressing and nourishing an independent bench, its importance to the Rule of Law in our nascent and still vulnerable democracy. 2913
Some values and assumptions underlying South African debt lawHenri Benade 2916
Transforming ExpectationsEllen Fitz-Patrick 2918
GCB has new Executive Officer: Lilane HattinghJeremy Muller SC, 29110
GCB condemns attack on counsel outside courtJeremy Muller SC, 29110
History Happens in LimpopoNathi Gaisa 29112
Guidelines for writersSA Bar Council 29114
Johannesburg Bar at the Midmar: 12 Years and going strongAndre Gautchi SC 29116

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