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New co-chair of Council of Barristers and Advocates Jeremy Gauntlett SC was elected co chair of the International Council for Barristers and Advocates at a meeting of the world Bars in London on 27 May 2006. The meeting of the council follows its third successful world conference, held in Hong Kong and Shanghai in April 2006.Read Article2006AugustVol 19No 24
Land Claims Court: New judges  Read Article1996NovemberVol 9No 299
General Council of the Bar: Annual general meeting Nuwelede Membership of the Bar  Read Article1996NovemberVol 9No 2100
New GCB Chair Jannie Eksteen SC was elected as chair of the GCB at its annual general meeting held in Durban on 21 to 22 July 2006.Read Article2006AugustVol 19No 25
In this issue:  Reports and news Articles The judiciaryRead Article1999JuneVol 12No 22
Wetgewing en regshervorming  Read Article1996NovemberVol 9No 2101
News on the judiciary  Read Article1993OctoberVol 6No 2141
Johannesburg  Read Article1989OctoberVol 2No 2125
Appointment to Appellate Body of WTO. David Unterhalter SC, Johannesburg Bar David Unterhalter SC of the Johannesburg Bar has just been appointed to the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).Read Article2006AugustVol 19No 27
Interview with President of Industrial Court: Prof AA Landman  Read Article1993OctoberVol 6No 2145

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