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 The (new) struggle: Starting at the BarGcina MalindiYou have passed the National Bar Examination after completing a pupil/age period of some five months and have just taken chambers. The 'period of anxiety begins. No one, except members of the group in which you did pupillage, knows that you are now a practising advocate. Read Article2000Second TermVol 13No 218
 Stop Press judiciary: Attacks on the judiciaryPatric Mtshaulana SCIn the edition of the Mail & Guardian published on 21 July 2008 Professor Pierre de Vos wrote: ‘Judges are not (and should not be) above criticism. The judiciary is one of the three branches of government and in a vibrant democracy the decisions and actions of judges must be scrutinised, debated and criticised - even harshly if need be.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 235
 Rule of law and the independent judiciaryJannie Eksteen SCCriticism of judgments of courts in South Africa has sparked considerable debate in recent times. The judiciary, in most cases, cannot enter the public debate in order to defend their own judgments. They are, in this sense, free game.Read Article2007DecemberVol 20No 32
 Port Elizabeth Bar NewsPeter KroonThe Bar has expanded to a record 52 members and as a result our colonisation of the Oasim Building now includes most of the 5th floor on the north side and the entire second floor on the south side.Read Article2007AugustVol 20No 210
 Pleading a denial: Some ideas for juniors practitionersPieter van Blerk ScThe trollop and the tartRead Article2000Second TermVol 13No 221
 Legal skills training in New Zealand: Lessons for the BarChris Marnewick SCTeaching pupils the art of the advocate is about skills or knowhow. Skills are acquired by dOing and refined in practice. The Bar is always looking for better ways to teach litigation skills to new members. Can the Bar learn anything from New Zealand in this regard? I think so. Read Article2000Second TermVol 13No 214
 Legal Services Sector Charter adopted by Jannie Eksteen SCJannie Eksteen SCThe Legal Services Sector Charter ('the Charter') was finally adopted by the legal profession at the final Focus Group meeting held on 24 November 2007 and was presented to the Minister of Justice at a dinner held in Johannesburg on 10 December 2007. The Charter has been the subject of extensive debate and consultation over the past two years. Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 12
 KwaZulu-Natal - La dolce vita Glen GoddardOne of the features of the Bar is independence, which allows holidays in term time and the bank manager be damned. I was recently able to exercise my independence when the opportunity to ride a bicycle in Sardinia arose, and my bank manager may read this as my confession.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 218
 Judge Hlophe betrayed the nation with his greed by Johann Kriegler. Public statement by senior counsel: Cape Bar This week a divided Judicial Service Commission decided not to press for the impeachment of Cape Judge President John Hlophe. Read Article2007DecemberVol 20No 333
 International Trade Law on Goods and ServicesHercules BooysenSouth and Souther Africa are increasingly becoming an ever larger role player in the realm of international trade. International trade law, from a South African perspective is therefore also gaining attention from practitioners, academics and students alike. Read Article2000Second TermVol 13No 238

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