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   Read Article2009DecemberVol 22339
Pretoria: Pretoria trounces Johannesburg at cricket twice!Francois BotesFor many years the Pretoria Bar and the Johannesburg Bar have joined battle on the cricket field.Read Article2012AprilVol 25122
principle'. A tribute to the late Chief Justice Langa at the tenth anniversary of the Duma Nokwe Group of Advocates by Patric Mtshaulana SC No one of us has a right to abandon or desert the fight for a principle 26328
"Duty for duty's sake" MM Corbett remembered by Jeremy Gauntlett SCJeremy Gauntlett SCBoth the Cape Bar and the General Council of the Bar of South Africa respectfully associate themselves with the tribute just delivered by former Judge President Friedman to the life and work of Michael McGregor Corbett.Read Article2007DecemberVol 20No 33
"Holmesiana"GGA MunnikI recently found this extract from an unreported judgment of Holmes, Jas he then was, among my papers. In my view it ranks as a collectors' piece of "Holmesiana".Read Article1988OctoberVol 1No 254
"Racial bias" in the judiciaryJeremy Gauntlett SCThe General Council of the Bar of South Africa in a recent media release expressed its strong s.upport for a statement by the Chief Justice and the President of the Constitutional Court regarding reported criticism of the Bench in the trial and subsequent appeal of Dr AI/an Boesak. Read Article2000Second TermVol 13No 24
"Thou shalt not lead:" Basic principles of direct examination in American trial practice: Part 1Willem H GravettIf I were to use the South African formulation of 'leading the witness' in a room full of American trial lawyers to describe that part of the trial that we call 'direct examination: I will no doubt attract more than a few furrowed brows and impolite snickers. Even the most inexperienced American trial lawyer knows that the paramount commandment of direct examination is, 'Thou shalt not lead.' The first objection of any novice trial lawyer likely to be sustained is, 'Objection. Counsel is leading her own witness.'Read Article2007AugustVol 20No 221
'Reforming' the Profession Pursuant to the Lord Chancellor's proposals concerning the legal profession (see Ralph Zulman, IThe Green Paper' in the previous edition of Consultus and also IThe Green Papers - The next instalment' in the present edition) the following picture painted by Charlotte Buckhaven in the New Law Journal, 10 February 1989, is illuminating, - if not disconcerting:Read Article1989OctoberVol 2No 295
12th Commonwealth Law Conference reportJeremy Gauntlett SCReport by Jeremy Gauntlett SC, Cape Bar, chairofthe General Council of the Bar of South Africa, on the conference held in Kuala Lumpur from 13 to 16 September 1999. Read Article1999DecemberVol 12No 435
13th Annual Commonwealth Law Conference Mabel Jansen SCSCHeld at the Conference Centre in Melbourne, Australia, and hosted by the Law Council of Australia, the conference organizing committee arranged an excellent and very ambitious business programme.Read Article2003AugustVol 16No 210

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