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Bar News. Juniors squander their opportunitiesAndre Gautschi SCThe Johannesburg Bar, in conjunction with the Pretoria Bar, offered two advocacy training workshops for junior counsel during September and October last year. The first was a labour court workshop held at the Labour Courts in Braamfontein on 18 September 2007. The second was a criminal appeal workshop held at the High Court in Johannesburg on 4 October 2007. The workshops were preceded by a lecture held during the previous week to impart to participants useful information concerning the particular field involved. Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 122
Bar News. Kwazulu-NatalZuleka RasoolThere were 28 pupils who sat for the Bar examination of whom six were from Pietermaritzburg and 22 from Durban. Twenty- two pupils passed and have taken chambers at either Durban or Pietermaritzburg.Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 122
Bar News. Cape. Hello Kitties in Keerom Street.Hello Kitty. SAPA-APBilingual readers of the April 2007 issue of Advocate will recall a short story about a local version of Chicken (4X4s against sedans) being enacted on a daily basis due to traffic congestion in Keerom Street caused by motorists ignoring traffic signs and road markings. The story ended by expressing hope that the traffic department would take the necessary steps to address the situation. Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 123
IBA. Partisan policy: an obstacle to human rights and democracy in Zimbabwe. Extracts from a report.IBA Human Rights CommitteeThiS article contains extracts from the report released by the Human Rights Committee of the IBA into the situation in Zimbabwe. For a complete transcript of the report, readers can refer to http:// ages/downloads/ll_2007_october JeporCzimbabwe....Partisan....PolicingJinal.pdf.Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 124
Falling on the sword Andrew BrownAnd in the latest news, OJ Simpson has presented himself at the doors of the county jail and offered to commence a 20-yeartermofimprisonment, citing public pressure as his reason for agreeing to serve a prison term, despite his recent acquittal on all charges.' Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 128
Hlope: The thorn in our sideAnton KrugerThere is little more to be said regarding the grounds for the Judicial Service Commission's decision not to commence removal proceedings against our Judge President. Perhaps it is worth recording for posterity the opposing views of the JSC and retired Constitutional Court Judge Johann Kriegler:Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 129
Statement on the independence of the judiciary Former Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson and George Bizos SCWe are concerned about the tone of the debate around the contemplated trial of Mr Jacob Zuma. We do not wish to say anything about whether he should or should not have been charged, or the substance or lack of substance of the charges against him; those are matters beyond our knowledge. Our comments are directed to one issue only and that is the implication from some of the statements that have been made that our judiciary as a whole lacks the independence and integrity to ensure that Mr Zuma will receive a fair trial. Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 132
Attack on the judiciaryJustice MosenekeDuring January 2008, attackon the judiciary and other institutions of state by supporters of the ANC were taken up by the national working committee of the ANC, which questioned the integrity of Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke.Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 132
Advocates and outcomes: responding to the Hlophe sagaFrank SnyckersWe live in a constitutiona I democracy. The good that advocates do is that we serve the constitutional democracy. Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 133
Cricket, the Bar and Benjamin DisraeliRuth Kuper SC'I think the Cabinet might take to cricket - they are a choice eleven. With their peculiarly patriotic temperaments, and highly national feelings, they might venture, I think, to play against "All England." Lord Palmerston and Lord Glenelg, with their talent for keeping in, would assuredly secure a good score.Read Article2008AprilVol 21No 135

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