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Uganda: Arrest warrants against Joseph Komy and the top LRA leaders The International Bar Association (IBA) has called on the Ugandan Government to act decisively to enforce the outstanding arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Joseph Kony and the other indicted leaders of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 224
Submission to the Enquiry into the National Director of Public Prosecutions by the SA Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International LawHannah Woolaver and Michael BishopThis submission focuses on the theoretical aspects of the Enquiry. Because we do not have access to the detailed allegations, we cannot make meaningful submissions on the facts of the particular case. We hope, however, that this submission will help the Enquiry to consider the facts in the correct legal setting.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 226
A few last thoughts on direct examination in American trial practice: Part 4Willem H GravettIn three prior articles we have looked at the basic principles of direct examination in American trial practice, and the ways in which American trial lawyers establish and maintain control over the witness presentation on direct examination. A few miscellaneous topics remain without which no discussion about direct examination could be complete: drawing the sting out of cross-examination, the language of direct examination, the trial lawyer’s demeanor, and, lastly, re-direct examination. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 233
The International Criminal CourtDidier D Preira and Sasan S ShoamaneshBorn from the ashes of World War II, the International Criminal Court (ICC or the Court) is the long overdue by-product of the hard lessons of history and inconceivable human affliction. Dark moments of histories past and reprehensible moments of present day existence have confirmed the need for a viable permanent international criminal court: Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 236
Trusts: Law and PracticeWalter Geach with Jeremy Yeats, reviewed by Henk Havenga SCThe author of this attractively bound book, Prof Walter Geach, holds accounting and law degrees, has presented many seminars on trusts and is also the author of various publications on company law, close corporations and financial and estate planning. The consulting editor, Mr Jeremy Yeats, previously from Cox Yeats Inc, is an experienced practising attorney. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 244
Dismissal, Discrimination and Unfair Labour PracticesJohn Grogan reviewed by Riaan GrundlinghJohn Grogan, former Professor and Head of the Department of Law at Rhodes University, is a part-time senior commissioner of the CCMA, member of arbitration panels of a number of bargaining councils, a private arbitrator and labour law practitioner. He has also served as acting judge in both the Labour Court and the High Court. He publishes extensively and is also the author of Workplace Law and Collective Labour Law. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 244
Odyssey to FreedomGeorge Bizos, reviewed by Faizel IsmailA memoir by the world renowned human rights advocate, friend and lawyer to Nelson Mandela.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 245
Book announcements The Administration of Deceased Estates and Drafting of Wills and Deeds Office Practice ManualRead Article2008AugustVol 21No 246
Legal Crossword Number 5  Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 247
Fly on the wall  Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 248

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