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Fly on the wall A proliferation of published law reports entails an expansion of the boundaries of Important Cases Of Which Fly Should Be Aware. 24152
From Calvados and Klipgooiers to Cape TownFrans RautenbachFrans Rautenbach is a former member of the Johannesburg Bar who, like many others, rediscovered life at the foot of the Mountain.Read Article2008DecemberVol 21No 347
High Court Motion Procedures by MM Joffe et al reviewedAlfred Cockrell‘Practice in the Motion Court,’ says Judge Joffe in the preface to this book, ‘is not for the faint-hearted.’ Few advocates would disagree with that sentiment.Read Article2008DecemberVol 21No 349
Advocacy Manual by G Hampel et al reviewedSharise Weiner SCProfessor George Hampel AM QC who is well known to all those involved in advocacy training, is perhaps considered the leading light in the quest to improve the advocacy skills of advocates worldwide. Read Article2008DecemberVol 21No 349
Legal Crossword - Number 6  Read Article2008DecemberVol 21No 351
Fly on the wall Fly’s head is abuzz. He’s had endless difficulties reading Dr Seuss and his tongue-twisters to the six-year-old and the three-year-old. It’s difficult to get it all straight. As Mr Knox said to Mr Fox, “Sir, my tongue is not made of rubber.” Here goes. Read Article2008DecemberVol 21No 352
Lawyers must create consensus about fundamental issuesJannie Eksteen SCBy the time you read this my term of office as chair would have expired. A new chair will have assumed office and new leadership installed. As I reflect on the areas of success in the past two years I am filled with an enormous sense of gratitude to the large number of colleagues who have invested so much of their time and energy in the Bar...Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 22
Retirement of SCA President Craig HowieRJW Jones On 15 August 2008, Justice CT Howie, President of the Supreme Court of Appeal, will officially retire from the Bench after a lifetime in the practice of the law -Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 23
Lesotho says farewell to Justice Jan SteynJustice Michael Ramodebedi Today we bid farewell to the President of this Court. He first served on it temporarily more than two decades ago. He has been a permanent Judge of Appeal for 18 years now, and President of the court for the past 11 years. He has served with each of us, and with our former colleagues Jules Browde, Chris Plewman and Leo van den Heever, who have all travelled specially to Maseru to join us today. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 24
The Constitutional Court's complaint against Judge President Hlophe On 30 May 2008, the judges of the Constitutional Court issued a statement advising that they had referred a complaint about Judge President of the Cape High Court, Judge John Hlophe, to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). In the complaint it was alleged that Judge Hlophe had approached some of the judges of the Constitutional Court ‘in an improper attempt to influence (the) Court’s pending judgment in one or more cases.’ The cases referred to are those concerning the lawfulness or otherwise of searches and seizures conducted in connection with the investigation and prosecution of ANC President Jacob Zuma and Thint (Pty) Ltd.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 26

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