GCB Workshop - 4 and 5 April 2018

"Case Analysis And Legal Writing Workshop"

A workshop for junior advocates of between 3-10 years’ standing will be held at the Wallenberg Centre, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, from Wednesday to Thursday 4-5 April 2018 inclusive.

The workshop will be conducted by the GCB together with the International Advocacy Training Council (IATC). Junior advocates and practitioners from the SADEC region and beyond are invited.


Applications are now closed for the Workshop as of 17 November 2017

Workshop Outline

The course is being held because junior advocates battle with legal thinking (case analysis) and written advocacy (legal writing). To help you improve your legal thinking and writing skills we have assembled a teaching team from the Bars of Australia, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.

Legal writing (the bulk of many juniors’ practice) is too formulaic, wooden, unreadable and therefore unpersuasive. What juniors might be unaware of is that effective writing, argument or witness handling starts with effective legal thinking. So the course starts off with case analysis.

What is case analysis? Simply put, it is a method of thinking about how to prepare for writing, argument, or witness handling and the conduct of trials. A philosophy teacher will spend at least 1 session with each group (of 8 advocates) honing your general thinking skills, but with a legal slant. Experienced advocacy teachers will work with you in groups ‘learning by doing’ to sharpen your case analysis skills. There should be case analysis sessions on a trial, an opposed application, an appeal and an opinion.

The case analysis session on all of these will tie in with the legal writing component of the course. You will be required to produce written argument, heads, and an opinion. They should all tie in with the material on the case analysis session on each of these. Experienced advocacy teachers will review your writing, talk to you about how you might improve it and provide you with an opportunity to improve your writing. Andrew Goodman from the London Bar who has written a leading text - Effective Written Advocacy – and who has also written on judicial writing will talk to you about legal writing.

The programme should be published on the website shortly. For more information please contact Jacqueline at iatcgcb042018@gmail.com or +27 11 292 6900.

Timothy Bruinders SC
Course Director
6 November 2017
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