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Northern Cape - History of the Northern Cape Bar A wealth of historical documents were recently discovered in a safe in Kimberley. These documents include copies of the rules and regulations adopted by members of the Bar practising in the High Court of Griqualand West (GW) dating back to April 1879. In the collection are also handwritten minutes of meetings of the GW Bar, dating back to 1880. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 211
Port Elizabeth - Acting Appointments, Advocates and Attorney's FunctionPieter KroonDuring the period under review Glenn Goosen SC acted in the Eastern Cape High Court, Port Elizabeth, for one week and in Grahamstown for one week, and later in Port Elizabeth again. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 212
Pretoria - Bar Council for 2008/ 2009Henk HavengaThe Bar Council for 2008/2009 was recently elected. In accordance with the constitutional amendments to the Pretoria Bar Constitution previously effected by the Pretoria Bar to promote transformation...Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 212
Pretoria - Gray's Inn - New practitioners training, May 2008Johanni BarnardI often noticed invitations to attend training in London on the notice board at the Bar, but never took them seriously or realised what a wonderful opportunity they offered. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 214
Johannesburg - New use of the Johannesburg Bar's website Dana du PlessisThe High Court Committee of the Johannesburg Bar Council, under the chairmanship of Piet Louw SC, has embarked on an initiative to ensure that the Bar makes proper use of electronic means to obtain information and to communicate with the Witwatersrand Local Division (WLD) court. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 215
KwaZulu-Natal Bar NewsZuleka RasoolWe welcome and congratulate Judge Mohini Murugasen on her appointment as a judge in the Natal Provincial Division. Judge Murugasen is an experienced attorney, and is well respected in the profession.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 218
KwaZulu-Natal - La dolce vita Glen GoddardOne of the features of the Bar is independence, which allows holidays in term time and the bank manager be damned. I was recently able to exercise my independence when the opportunity to ride a bicycle in Sardinia arose, and my bank manager may read this as my confession.Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 218
KwaZulu-Natal - Writing with a differenceChris Marnewick SCShepherds & Butchers is the product of a series of apparently unconnected events going back a long time which prompted my interest in the death penalty and its effect on persons other than the condemned prisoner. Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 220
Cape - More cricket: A snippet of Cape Bar historyJoel KrigeOn display in the Cape Bar library is a photographic essay depicting cricket games played between the Bar and the Navy, beginning with Bar.Navy Match Xmas 1904 and ending with Bar vs Navy 1928. Who were these Bar cricketing talents, bastions of law and cricket - two powerful colonial institutions; and what was the meaning of cricket in colonial South Africa?Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 220
Cape - Cultural sensitivity: What does it really mean?Marlene PotgieterIt is 2008, we are more than 10 years into the new South Africa and we are the Rainbow Nation that we wanted to be right?Read Article2008AugustVol 21No 223

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